Concert Tickets Dallas Tips

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Concert Tickets Dallas Tips

If you’ve lived in the United States for any considerable amount of time, then there shouldn’t be anything new about the concept of buying concert tickets – especially Concert Tickets Dallas! Most people understand the basics of either buying straight from the venue or going through a 3rd party, such as Ticket Master.

If not, don’t be alarmed. . . you’ll soon understand the basics of not only getting concert tickets Dallas, but you’ll also be an expert on finding a great price and not getting scammed when purchasing concert tickets Dallas.

Concert Tickets Dallas Tip #1: Identify the Basics & Plan Ahead

Start out by choosing two or three concerts you’d like to attend. Blacked Eyed Peas might be performing at Cowboys Stadium but Eminem might be at American Airlines Arena on the same night. Of course you can’t attend both. However if you end up with tickets for both, determine which concert is solid, make your decision and sell your other tickets on Stub Hub. You might make some extra cash. Bottom line: have a plan and you’ll be fine. Deciding on what you like far enough in advance will give you an even stronger advantage on getting good deals on concert tickets Dallas.

Guitar Solo at Concert Tickets Dallas

Concert Tickets Dallas Tip #2: Yes, radio still works

Listening to the radio is one of the best ways to pick up your concert tickets Dallas. It doesn’t matter if you listen to Lonestar (92.5), The Eagle (97.1), The Edge (102.1) or K104. . .Dallas area radio stations are some of the guaranteed ways to pick up some of the best concert  tickets Dallas. For example, most radio stations will do “call ins” and give away free tickets if you’re the 1st or 2nd caller. Be crazy, turn on all of the radio stations and see if you can find a good deal on concert tickets Dallas. Most of the time you’ll run into something.

Concert Tickets Dallas Tip #3: Be social

Most DFW area arts and music festivals are where you’ll learn about many of the upcoming events and concert headlines. Most of the time this is just another ploy to get people to attend their function. . .but if you can make away with some inside news or deals on concert tickets Dallas, don’t feel guilty. In addition, many hip-hop or rock clubs offer specials on concert tickets Dallas for you, don’t miss out on these types of deals. Again, all you have to be is social. . .and you’re in.

Concert Tickets Dallas Tip #4: Not all tickets are equal

Just because you found a great deal through Ticket Master or Stub Hub, doesn’t mean this is the only deal. Welcome to the 21st century! Enter in your Dallas area zip code into sites like Groupon and Living Social and sometimes you’ll be able to find tickets for up to 50% and 757% off. So, before you walk up to the gate and pay full price (or even inflated prices on second markets) don’t forget to check out various social deal websites. CraigsList is also a great option for picking up great ticket deals. With an area of over seven million people, the DFW Metroplex offers a plethora of ticket re-sell opportunities. Keep in mind, you still face the possibility of high mark ups by purchasing tickets off CraigsList. Yet, you’ll be surprised how many people are trying to “dump” their tickets for a cheap price. . .for a variety of reasons. But remember, Concert Tickets Dallas is your best and most reliable source for concert tickets Dallas.

Concert Tickets Tip #5: Not all sellers are equal

This brings us to one of the more important points. As great as CraigsList and private sellers are, not all sellers are honest. Yes, online auction houses and retailers are doing more to combat scammers, but it is wise to go in with your eyes open.

  • The telephone still works. Contacting the seller via e-mail only, doesn’t mean a thing. Anyone can set up a Gmail account and become your best friend. . . as long as you offer to give them $100 for tickets, of course. Do the wise thing and either talk with a live person with legit area telephone #, or, meet the individual and only give money when you have your concert tickets Dallas.
  • Verification is the only way. Even if you used the above tip, there’s still more to look out for. Replica or fake tickets are a hot commodity these days. So, you’ve met the seller in person or received the tickets in the mail. What else is left? Make sure the tickets have a legitimate serial number. Call up the venue’s management office and verify before buying. Don’t take a chance. Anyone can stick a “serial number” on a ticket. There’s only one real number.
  • What to do about scalpers. Everyone has seen them. The people yelling out for “tickets” and pestering you while walking into the concerts. Most of the time we don’t feel bad for these people trying to make an extra buck. Well, what if you missed out on an opportunity to see your lifelong musical hero? How much would you be willing to pay one of those “annoying” little people. Only you can answer that. If you decide to buy from a scalper, make sure they are operating legally. For example, if there’s a law about scalping with in so many feet of the venue, the buy and seller can be be fined. Also, go through the same verification methods discussed above and protect your concert tickets Dallas investiment.

Let’s face it, most people people living in Dallas want the ultimate combination: great concert experience at a great price. You can’t always have both, but it is possible. Using the above tips, you should be able to accomplish this. Remember, not all the best acts are going to be at the top two venues (Cowboys Stadium and American Airlines Arena). Some of the best artists and musicians are happy performing at county and state fairs. Even if the event is good, avoid paying skyrocket type prices for good tickets. Depending on how “into” the act you are – it might be wise to find an alternative artist for a better concert tickets Dallas price.

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Concert Tickets Dallas

by Concert Tickets Dallas

Concert Tickets Dallas


Buy Concert Tickets Dallas Here Buy Concert Tickets Here

Whats up with all this buzz about Concert Tickets Dallas? With state of the art venues to choose from in Los Angeles, New York & Miami. . .why would some of the world’s best acts decide to stop in Texas at Concert Tickets Dallas? For many reasons, actually. As the area’s diverse population continues to surge and Dallas keeps thriving (regardless of economic downturns,) it only makes sense to pick this North Texas mecca as a major entertainment venue.

Acquired! Concert Tickets Dallas

Let’s jump into several reasons why someone would buy concert tickets Dallas:

World Class Acts at Concert Tickets Dallas

From Paul McCartney to Keith Urban and John Legend to Rihanna . . Concert Tickets Dallas stops at nothing to make itself a one-stop shop for world class concert acts and timeless music. If only Austin could put on a show like this! There’s nothing standing in Dallas’ way to becoming a premier music hub for all Southeast residents. Any given week, concert goers are offered to cream of the crop from dozens of different world acts. Brittany Spears is expected to role through sometime this summer. . .not to mention George Jones, who’s already made about a half-dozen appearances.

If pop music isn’t your thing, don’t worry. . .Concert Tickets Dallas has plenty to offer the traditional music lover. The Gaither Vocal Band comes through about once a year. And, in keeping to Dallas’ country roots, if you time it right, you’ll be able to catch Willie Nelson put on the same quality show he’s been doing for some 40+ years.

Something for Everyone at Concert Tickets Dallas

As mentioned above, pop music isn’t the only thing you’ll see at the major concert venues at Concert Tickets Dallas. Every kind of act is accounted for: rock, blues, country western, classical, Broadway, rap, hip-hop, folk, bluegrass, indie, oldies, foreign. . .you name it. There’s no reason to waste your money driving to Houston to see the world’s best acts. If you don’t live in Dallas, come visit!

Wanna hear Bach’s greatest hits? Check. How about an old CCR classic? Check. Like Brittany’s latest hit? Check. Surely you can find some old style Texas country. . .Check. Concert Tickets Dallas is music variety x10.

High costs of living haven’t quite caught up with Texas yet, so you can expect to pay a slightly lower price at Concert Tickets Dallas vs. . . larger, more congested cities (like the main three mentioned.) In fact, this is one of the main draws for concerts in Dallas, including the entire Dallas- Fort Worth Metroplex. Most people won’t drive up from Houston, but if there’s a unique act coming through and the price is right – you’d be surprised at what a crazed fan will do.

No Shortage of Venues at Concert Tickets Dallas

Experts say there’s a world wide water crisis. However, no one has said anything about a concert venue crisis at Concert Tickets Dallas. Why? Because there’s no such thing!

There’s two venues you should really pay attention to, when deciding on getting concert tickets in Dallas: American Airlines Arena (AA) and  Cowboys Stadium. The Double A seats about 15-17k for concerts, and Cowboys Stadium, according to Jerry Jones, has infinite seating. More like 60K for concerts. . .of course, it can be expanded to top 100k if the act calls for it. Most of your major acts will perform at these two arenas. But your popular / “slightly fading” performers will headline at Kodak theatre.

If you’re from the more elegant bunch among us, than the Dallas Windspear Opera House (part of the new AT&T Performing Arts Center) should be first on your list. This $350+ million dollar project, which contains multiple performance venues, is blossoming into a world renowned destination for opera, ballet and musical theatre.

Of course, there are plenty open area venues and traditional blues clubs and bars to choose from. The Texas State Fair (hosted in Dallas since 1896) offers A+ entertainment on a yearly basis. . .and the House of Blues in downtown Dallas is a one of a kind place to enjoy the best of Blues. Concert Tickets Dallas has learned that Snoop Dog has even been known to stop by and don’t forget the weekly Gospel Brunch on Sunday!

If the House is Rockin’. . .Don’t Bother Knockin’

Basically, you shouldn’t have a problem getting a ticket at any concert venue with Concert Tickets Dallas. Yes, things are usually sold out. . .yet, not as fast as some cities (i.e. New York, L.A.) Note, we don’t recommend taking your sweet time if / when Paul McCartney rolls through again. The bottom line: most major acts in AA Arena or Cowboys Stadium give the average concert connoisseur a chance to get a decent ticket. Most of the time, it’s not a good idea to lounge around and wait till the last minute. But should you choose to, many Dallas area residents throw their tickets on sites like Stub Hub and you should be able to pick something up.

Pulling it Together at Concert Tickets Dallas

You should know by now that Concert Tickets Dallas doesn’t mess around when it comes to entertainment. . .specifically music. The New York Times and MTV have both ranked it as an “emerging music and entertainment powerhouse” and “a place all music lovers should place on their list.” Both strong and true words. If you like state of the art venues and world class acts, there’s no reason why Concert Tickets Dallas should not be in the mix. Some of the more “known” areas for getting concert tickets are, and will always be, cool. But give Texas a try if you want a mixture of variety and quality.

Be sure and check out some of the websites for AA Arena and Cowboys stadium. Since they both have indoor capabilities, you should see concerts throughout the year. This is the beauty of living in an area with a massive indoor stadium capable of seating 100k+ people: access in the winter and fall to some of the world’s largest and most popular performances. Keep an eye out for updates and every changing schedules. We don’t want you to miss anything. . .now that wouldn’t be a good situation. Pick your venue, choose the concert, buy ticket. . .and, ba da bing you have yourself a fine evening with Concert Tickets Dallas! For a listing of upcoming concerts, please visit our Concert Tickets Dallas Listing.

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